Mercury Dry Cleaners is a family owned and operated dry cleaning plant . For over 40 years all work has been done on site. We are dedicated to bringing down the cost of dry cleaning while surpassing the quality of work performed by higher priced competitors.
Special care given to special memories

Handled one by one with the utmost of care due to their unique fabric content, sequins and beading. Due to their exquisite construction these gowns require the most gentle cleaning process and stain removal to ensure that yellowing will not occur.

Wedding gowns are hand ironed , finished and then placed in a special box with acid free tissue to be preserved for future generations. Special pre-spotting care is taken to remove all stains before cleaning. This will help ensure non yellowing of your fine Gown.
• Pre spotting to eliminate stains.
• Gowns wrapped in acid free paper.
• Gown packed in a preservation box


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Phone: (860) 242-8446